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Covina, 91724
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Apr 9, 1995 (Aries)
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In a Relationship
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Hi, Im Kayla.18(19 in less than a month!)College Freshman. Dancing.Singing.Acting.ASL.I have been interested and fascinated with vampires and the paranormal since I was about 7 years old. I love watching shows and movies about vampires and the paranormal and would absolutely love to go ghost hunting when I have time:D I have been friends with many vampires in the past and still am(all sanguinarian).I love my family&friendsvery much<3<3<3<3!!! #Directioner.#Janoskianator.#Arianator.#Lovatic. #5SOSFamily#Twihard.#Potterhead.Diehard Disney fanatic(Peter Pan<3).Pokemon fanatic!!!! I am somewhat religious and do rely on GOD at times to help me out.Love going to church as well to see my friends and church leaders and participate in church events.I am a practicing Wiccan and I do have 4 Wiccan siblings(1 brother and 3 sisters by Wiccan blood).............I am both lazy and active at times.......basically half and half, I used to be more on the lazy side while I was in HS.......now that I am on college though, I plan to change that part of me and become more active.I collect rocks/stones and also seashells for two of my hobbies.........I know it's wierd to some people, but not to me.I also love nature and the weather, I'd like to try tornado chasing..........sort of like on that movie Twister...................................Let's see, what else...........Oh! I am a gaming girl,love to game(mostly online), but any games mentioned to me I would definately try them out!!!! I love to meet new people,I am somewhat shy but other than that love meeting new people:DI am part of a softball team,play on a bowling league, and occasionally go roller skating with my friends or family. I love to watch baseball on tv alot(Favorite team: Angels<3)................My favorite colors are black,purple, and turquoise.Favorite animals are dolphins and koalas.................Anyway that's about it for this section!!!!! Extra Info(Must Knows): -I HATE it when people try/do hurt,make fun of the people I love MOST.That ALWAYS makes me mad >:( -I DO NOT like fakes,whores,b****es, or sluts.I am NOT one of those girls,nor will ever be one of them........It makes me mad when girls/women are any one of those things,not good to be like that (I can be a b***h at times,but only when I really must) -I DO NOT like guys who cheat on girls,I've been through that and know what it feels like to be in that situation...............guys who cheat or two time or abuse their women dont deserve to be in relationships. -I AM NOT a morning person,night time is better for my liking:D(anyone who wakes me up too early will find out how cranky I am) -I AM a HUGE neat freak and dont like when anything is put of place. - I CANNOT stand insects or loud noises( just because I love nature,doesn't mean I like the insects or noises that come with it) Anywho.............That's all I really must say for now(might add more later)...................UNTIL THEN,STAY GOLD PEEPS AND KEEP ON DREAMING!!!!!!!!:D
Political views:
I really do not care
Religious views:
Love church going, but still not ultra religious. I am a practicing Wiccan
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Hanging out with family,friends and the boyfriend <333 Camping.Hiking.Biking.Gaming. Movie time. Going to the park or theme parks(Disneyland, Knotts, Universal Studios) Mall time. Hanging out at the beach. Roller skating.Bowling. Fangirling. Practicing ASL, Wicca, dancing,singing etc.......yup pretty much what I do!
Family,Friends,Boyfriend, One Direction, 5SOS, Janoskians, music, iPod, television,cellphone, vampires,paranormal,Twilight Saga, Harry Potter Series, writing, dance,sing ect.....
Favorite Music:
One Direction.5SOS. Ariana Grande.Demi Lovato. BVB. Sleeping w/Sirens. Paramore. All Time Low. Green Day. Lady Antebellum. Luke Bryan. Keith Urban. Rascal Flats.The Band Perry. Jonas Brothers. Nirvana. Elvis.Beatles. Beach Boys. Rolling Stones. Bob Marley.
Favorite TV Shows:
Full House.The Nanny.Pokemon.Scooby Doo.Degrassi.Zoey 101.Lilo and Stitch.House of Mouse.House.AFV.Ridiculousness.16 and Pregnant.Teen Mom 1&2.Twilight Zone. The Waltons.Little House on the Prarie.Sam & Cat.ICarly.Timon and Pumba.Star Trek.Switched at Birth.Secret Life of the American Teenager.The Fosters. Twisted.Looney Toons.Tom and Jerry.Simpsons.Family Guy.American Dad.Futurama.King of the Hill.How I Met Your Mother.Two and a Half Men.Big Bang Theory. The Middle.Malcom in the Middle. George Lopez. Friends.WWE Monday night RAW and Friday night SMACKDOWN.Paranormal Witness.Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International.Celebrity Ghost Stories. Victorious.House Hunters. Love it or List it. Propert Brothers. Destination Truth. Fact or Fake. Wipeout.I Love Lucy. We Love Lucy.Bewitched. Happy Days.Goosebumps.Jeff Dunham.
Favorite Movies:
Any sort of Disney movie, Disney Pixar, Haunting in Connecticut, Paranormal activity 1,2,3, and 4,princess diaries,The Twilight Saga, Alice in wonderland(the new one), Hannah montana the movie, Silver Bullet, The Little Rascals movies, Catch that kid, matilda, RV,Star Trek movies(the origonals),Star Trek movie (the new one), The vampires Assistant, Interview with a Vampire, Vampires Suck, both parent traps, Shrek 1,2, and 3,Puss in Boots, Titanic, The Outsiders,Rumblefish,Grease 1 and 2, Charlie and the Chocolate factory(the new one), Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory(the old one), all of the Pirates of the Carribean, all of the Harry Potters,Twister,Grown Ups 1&2, Dispicable Me 1&2, Childs Play 1,2&3, Bride of Chucky,Seed of Chucky,Dead Silence, Baby Blues, Hook,Peter Pan(non animated), Karate Kid 1&2, Back to the Future 1&2, Dumb and Dumber, Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, The Howling 1,2&3, Final Destination 1,2,3,4&5 ,World War Z, The Conjuring,Slenderman, Sleepaway Camp 1,2&3,Triple Dog,Haunting of Molly Hartley,Haunting of Sorority Row,Pregnancy Pact,Pregnancy Project,Cyber Bully,The Day After Tomorrow,Independence Day,Teen Beach Movie.
Favorite Books:
The Twilight Saga, Harry Potter Series,The Hunger Games, The Outsiders, That was then this is Now, Rumble Fish, The Vampire Diaries, The Marked Series, The Interview With a Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Vampires Assistant Series, The Crucible, Bless Me Ultima, Life as we Knew it, The Dead and the Gone,Everyday Magic, Wiccan Books.
Head Boss at Living Life to it's Fullest and Accomplishig Goals (now)

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